It’s Personal

The age of emails and texting has lead businesses to become faceless and voiceless.  It has become common place to press #, then press 1, then press 5 and at some point, many of us just cut to the chase and press 0, 0, 0 with the hope of connecting to a “real person”.

So let’s get personal.  Our Upstate New York answering service puts the “person” back in personal service.  Answering services have come a long way since their inception many decades ago.  Historically, clients were doctors and messages were taken with pen and paper.  The advancement of technology has allowed an evolution of this commerce.  Answering services handle calls for numerous industries and can provide a new generation of services.  Custom scripting allows operators to address callers in the same manner a receptionist would in your office.  Our answering service will take the steps to make you look good, be a partner in providing seamless customer service and above all, be a live person that answers when we press 0.  It’s great to take advantage of technology, but don’t underestimate the impact of the personal touch.

For more information about how our Upstate New York company can offer yours the support you need, please contact us at (716) 249-5295.